Stuart Cameron McLeod Society


The SCMS was formed in 1934 as the Spot Club. In 1957, the name was changed in recognition of Stuart Cameron McLeod, one of the founders of the Spot Club and Executive Secretary of IMA from 1919 until his death in 1944.

PURPOSE The purpose of the Club is to provide a means whereby former officers and directors of the Association may continue the associations and contacts which they formed while in office and to make available to the current management of the Association the advice and experience of past officers.

BENEFITS Benefits of the Stuart Cameron McLeod Society (SCMS) Membership include: " Continued recognition of your IMA Leadership role " Networking with IMA/SCMS peers " Continued Education " Fellowship " Promote the future of your profession " Mentor with colleagues, peers and students " Serve on a variety of SCMS committees

ELIGIBILITY To qualify for membership in the SCMS you must be a current or past:

  • Regional Director
  • Regional Council Committee Chair
  • Regional Council Officer
  • National Committee Member
  • Voting Member of the National Board of Directors
  • National Officer

If you are eligible and desire to join the SCMS, contact Linda Turner at (800) 638-4427, extension 1553.

INDUCTION The candidates can be inducted into the SCMS in the presence of the Society officers, governors and members at the annual dinner and meeting held during IMA's Annual Conference. Candidates may also be inducted at the SCMS mid-year meeting or a local SCMS induction ceremony held by a regional council.

Evansville Chapter Members


Brian L. McGuire

Linda J. Stocks

Robert Hampel (DECEASED)

Amy Mings

James G. Hummel

Liv A. Watson

Tania M. Herke

Lawrence J. Preske

Martha L. Alle

William Holland