About Chapter

Evansville Chapter 076 received it charter into the National Association of Cost Accountants on October 27, 1944 and accepted 47 members from eight counties in both Indiana and Illinois and seven counties in Kentucky. The association changed its name on July 1, 1957 to the National Association of Accountants and again on July 1, 1991 to the Institute of Management Accountants.

N.J. Litherland was the first of seven chartered members to serve as Chapter President. Chapter membership was entirely male until 1963 when Marietta Overbeck was invited to join the chapter. Membership peaked in 1979 with 433 members under Past President Robert J. Mounts. Bernice Sensmeier became the first elected female president of the Evansville Chapter in 1984.The current  membership stands at  350. 

Over the years, the chapter has held evening and luncheon technical meetings in various locations such as Smitty's Steak and Seafood House, the Alpine House, the McCurdy Hotel, Bockelman's Restaurant, the Petroleum Club, the Pub , the Executive Inn, Kirby's Private Dining, Springleaf Financial, Old National Bank, and currently, Innovation Pointe and Evansville Country Club.  Attendance at a technical meeting hit an all-time high of 228 people while Jim Hummel was chapter President in 1976. Beginning  in 1994, under  Past President Linda Stocks, the chapter now offers an additional technical meeting held at the noon hour.

The chapter has won 27 national competition banners starting in 1951, under Past President Morgan Hundley.  Starting in 1994, the chapter has won 17 banners. During this run, 4 first place banners have been awarded to the chapter under each of the following Past Presidents: William Holland 1996, Michael Farquharson 1997, Martha Alle 2001, and Amy Mings 2014.

To keep members informed of chapter functions, the chapter has published a monthly newsletter since 1952 . Starting in 2000, under the direction of Past President Martha Alle, the newsletter became available both electronically and hard copy.