Chapter Board

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Chapter Officers and Directors

Name/Contact Info


Kiersten Roberts

VP of Admin/President Elect

Mandy Chinn


Mary Pat Trainum


Kyle Hoeing
Director of Meetings
Jesse Reising
Director of Special Activities OPEN
Director of Employment Curt Hahn
VP of Communications OPEN
Director of Newsletter Andy Peistrup
Director of Community Service OPEN
Director of Public Relations Andy Peistrup
Director of Program Booklet  OPEN
Director of Sponsors Dave King
Webmaster Karen Blesch
VP of Education Dennis Guthery

Co Director of Edu. Meetings

Curt Hahn
Co Director of Edu. Meetings Brande Springer
Educational Meetings Jasper  Brenda Erny
Director of Manuscripts Mehmet K. Kocakulah
Director of Academic Relations  OPEN
Director of CMA Programs Aaron McCullough
VP of Membership & Marketing  Dumitra Pascu
Director of Membership Acquisition OPEN
Director of Member Retention OPEN
Director of Student Affairs for USI Alyssa Moore